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Fergus Doyle

—Writer & Narrative Designer

I’m a Copenhagen based writer originally from the UK. I love to tell stories and will use any tool at my disposal to do so.

With over a decade’s experience ranging from writing for video games to marketing content management, I’m currently freelancing and on the lookout for new opportunities.

Creative Writing

Creatively, I excel in writing engaging dialogue and building compelling worlds across media.

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Writer, Interactive Fiction

The Foray

Made as part of a five person team where I wrote and programmed the story in Ink, this piece of interactive fiction follows two journalists as they explore a network of caves infested by mushrooms.

Winner of InkJam2022’s Overall category, voted for by the public.

Play the game on Itch.io

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Narrative Designer, Game

Charlie the Chronocurator

A small puzzle game with time travel as the central mechanic, made for AdvXJam 2020. For this game, I wrote the text in Yarnspinner and designed the puzzles.

Play the game on Itch.io

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Screenwriter, Short Film

Lose Like a Human

Based on a short story written for the Prague-based zine Word Addict, ‘Lose Like a Human’ follows a conversation between a sentient chess robot and its creator.

Watch the film on YouTube

Interested? You can see more of my games on my Itch page.


My marketing work spans a variety of fields, from long-form blog posts and white papers, to social media management and website copy.

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Marketing Content Manager


While working for the Danish chatbot start-up Certainly, I supervised almost all external communications, including social media, website content, and video content like webinars and campaigns.

Certainly Homepage (archived version)

Feastables Customer Story (archived version)

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Kunstkollektivet 8B

Freelance proofreading and copyediting for Kunstkollektivet 8B’s English language website.

Visit the Kunstkollektivet 8B website


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